About Osprey

falconrangeFor 25 years Osprey has built an enviable reputation for creating RIBs that offer outstanding performance, unrivalled durability and exceptional handling. In fact many of the RIBs built at the beginning are still going strong. The comprehensive Osprey range encompasses a wide variety of models, any one of which will offer the best solution for an individual or business looking for a quality, hand built boat meeting their exact requirements.  

The Osprey range of RIBs goes from 5.15m all the way up to 8.6m, with options to suit leaisure, diving, commercial or racing so whatever you're looking for, we've got it covered...

seaharrierThe unique warped 'V' hull of the Osprey range combined with the high grade materials used in the manufacturing process guarantees every Osprey owner a safe, enjoyable boating experience in a RIB that will stand up to the varying conditions. When compared to the more traditional deep 'V' designs of many RIBs, Osprey owners really do enjoy the best of both worlds with a rib that provides excellent sea keeping ability whilst retaining great handling and returning high performance without the need for huge horsepower and large fuel bills!

Every Osprey RIB is manufactured in the UK, and can be designed to meet your individual requirements.Osprey have a wide range of consoles & seating options which along with high quality Aframes and other stainless accessories enable you to specify your rib exacly as you want it.